Easily manage the implementation of a more flexible work organization

Manage your premises (sites, buildings, spaces, cafeterias, parkings)
Define the rules for using your premises (occupancy rate, priority of access, opening and closing of the spaces...)
Manage your workspaces according to your operational needs
Follow your employees working from home and easily organise their presence on-site securely
Optimize your environmental and real estate footprint

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Thanks to Coviflex, achieve the benefits associated with flexibility

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  • Decreased real estate footprint and reduced costs
  • Well-being and productivity of the employees
  • Attractiveness and talents retention
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  • • Better work-life balance
  • Decreased transports
  • • Boost of creativity and productivity
  • • Increased flexibility for the place of residence
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Society & planet

  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions (transport and construction)
  • Decongestion of transport infrastructures

« Coviflex was created when we realized that a new need had arisen for all companies, which could only be solved by an accessible, secure, intuitive, turnkey solution that would be available right now. Coviflex is the way that Polyconseil, a digital expert, can contribute to a way out of this unprecedented crisis. » Dominique Taieb, Managing Partner of Polyconseil

Manage your workspace, plan ahead, visualize your organisation, keep your talents safe

Optimize the use of your workspaces and ancillary services
Follow the schedules of your teams
Improve the experience of your employees
Consult the statistics and analyse the performance of your premises management

Coviflex is a turnkey solution which addresses employee expectations and simplifies business organisation procedures

Ease of use

Efficient and smooth, Coviflex is accessible on desktop and mobile with a simple browser

Seamless integration

Coviflex can directly interface to your existing tools thanks to an open and well documented API

Customizable at will

Activate the features you need, customize the name and logo of the app to suit your organization ... A particular need? We can customize Coviflex for you!

Personnalisable à souhait

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Coviflex is a SaaS solution developed by Polyconseil, whose expertise has helped the digital transformation of companies for 15 years