Easily manage the lockdown exit strategy and set up flex office for your organization

Define new policies for using your premises, manage work from home (WFH) staff, and make sure they can safely work on-site with COVIFLEX

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Coviflex helps you solve the challenges that come with the new work organization

Business needs

Restart your business while ensuring smooth operation

Risk management

Ensure that the health and safety of your workforce are protected at all times, and that you are in compliance with regulations.

New constraints

Adapt to a new work organization balancing WFH and onsite work.

« Coviflex was created when we realized that a new need had arisen for all companies, which could only be solved by an accessible, secure, intuitive, turnkey solution that would be available right now. Coviflex is the way that Polyconseil, a digital expert, can contribute to a way out of this unprecedented crisis. » Dominique Taieb, Managing Partner of Polyconseil

Manage your workspace, plan ahead, visualize your organisation, keep your talents safe

Visualize where and when people will work, and make sure that the company is operating properly
Schedule the onsite presence of your workforce according to your business needs
Preserve each employee's well being, maintain social interactions and take proper safety precautions
Plan the need for personal protection equipment (PPE) gear and collective safety measures

Coviflex is a turnkey solution which addresses employee expectations and simplifies business organisation procedures

Ease of use

Efficient and smooth, Coviflex is accessible on desktop and mobile with a simple browser

Seamless integration

Coviflex can directly interface to your existing tools thanks to an open and well documented API


Coviflex is a SaaS solution developed by Polyconseil, whose expertise has helped the digital transformation of companies for 15 years